Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fire District supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Fire District supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Orland Fire Protection District will have firefighters wear special Breast Cancer Awareness shirts and pink EMS gloves during the month of October to support National Breast Cancer Awareness month, Chief Ken Brucki said.

The effort is to help raise awareness for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is a collaboration of national public service organizations, professional medical associations and government agencies.

Brucki said that the district firefighters wanted to show support for the important cause of breast cancer awareness.

“It has touched so many lives in our community and we wanted to show our support in raising public awareness” Brucki said.

Brucki said the Breast Cancer Awareness shirts will include the Fire District logo and the recognizable ribbon of the Breast Cancer Awareness community.

October is traditionally recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month nationally, but Brucki said the effort to fight breast cancer is an all year round, 24/7 objective.

Pictured from left: Lt. Scot Gorecki, Lt. Brian Martin, Eng. Ray Marquardt, Chief Ken Brucki, Eng. Dave Dutkiewicz, FF/Paramedic David Popp, FF/Paramedic Adrian Puente. Photo courtesy Orland Fire Protection District

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