Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fire at home at 105th block of Stone Hill Drive, Orland

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On Thursday April 26, 2012, the Orland Fire District was called for a house fire in the 10500 block of Stone Hill Dr.

The home owner arrived home to find the house filled with smoke. Orland Fire dispatched a structure fire response of 2 engines, 2 trucks, 1 ambulance, and 2 chiefs. Engine 6 arrived on the scene within five minutes from the time of dispatch and reported smoke on the outside and fire in the kitchen area upon entry. Crews reported heavy smoke inside and high heat on the second floor. Battalion 3 upgraded to a working fire response bringing an additional engine, ambulance, chief, and safety officer from Orland to the scene. Additional units arrived and assisted with extinguishing the fire and searching for people and pets.

No people were in the home and two dogs and a cat were removed safely.

Due to the rapid response and the number of personnel on the initially dispatched units arriving within 8 minutes, the fire damage was contained to the kitchen area with smoke damage throughout the home. Prior to the fire being noticed, it had burned through structural floor supporting the second story which was noted by initial crews and relayed to all on scene to prevent a firefighter from falling through. Smoke detectors were activated throughout the home which would have alerted the occupants if they were at home. Water damage to the home was limited due to the use of CAFS (compressed air foam system) hose line which uses considerably less water to extinguish fire.

The OFPD responded with 25 personnel to this incident. Orland Fire had an engine and 3 ambulances available in the District for other incidents but also called Mokena Fire for an engine to provide coverage on the West side of town.

There were no injuries at this fire and the cause of the fire is under investigation. 

The fire occurred in the mid-afternoon on Thursday.

Photo courtesy of the OFPD

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OFPD President calls for firefighters to live in the district

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OFPD President calls for firefighters to live in the district

OFPD, Orland Park – Orland Fire Protection District President Jim Hickey said he will said he will propose a residency requirement for the district’s firefighters and employees to improve safety and employee awareness for the district’s needs.

Hickey, who has been working with the new board majority to cut costs while maintain services, said that the move would help to increase fire safety response especially in catastrophic incidents.

Currently, firefighters are permitted to live anywhere within a 25 mile radius of the district’s borders. Only 27 percent of the District 146 employees live in the district. Hickey said requiring firefighters to live in the district was also a demonstration of the employee’s commitment to the community.

“There are many benefits to having the fire district employees living in the district where they work. Some of the benefits are subtle others are significant.” Hickey said.

“But in every case, living in the district benefits our community and results in improved safety for our residents.”

Hickey said that one obvious advantage is that firefighters will be in the district when they are working and when they are off-duty. That decreases response time in the event that more firefighters are needed/

“Just having them around when something happens is an asset to the people they have been hired to protect,” Hickey said.

“Firefighters who live in the community where they work have a stronger and closer attachment to the community and they better know the needs of the district better than those who don’t live in the district.”

Hickey said another advantage is that district jobs will stay with district residents.

“Of the 11 firefighters who were on the recent hiring list, every one of them was from outside of the district,” Hickey said.

“The other advantage is to the community itself. These firefighters are paid from taxes collected from the community. They will spend that money right here in the community in terms of maintaining homes, providing for their families and also in their recreation.”

Hickey said he was exploring all options but believed that the proposal may only apply to future hires.

“We may have to grandfather all of the firefighters into this allowing those who are not outside of the district to continue to live outside of the district. But it is something we are carefully exploring with legal,” Hickey said.

Hickey said he will raise the issue when contract negotiations begin for a new contract for firefighters.

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                           Ray Hanania
Wednesday April 18, 2012                          


Monday, April 16, 2012

Rollover multi-vehicle accident 171st Street and LaGrange Road with fatalities

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Rollover multi-vehicle accident 171st Street and LaGrange Road with fatalities

OFPD/April 15, 2012 -- At 8:39 pm Sunday April 15, the Orland Fire Protection District responded in conjunction with the Tinley Park Fire Department to 171st Street and LaGrange Road for a rollover automobile accident.  Initial responders found seven patients in three vehicles.  One vehicle was rolled over onto the driver’s side and another vehicle had extensive damage requiring heavy extrication.

The dual response agreement between the Tinley Park Fire Department and the Orland Fire Protection District quickly brought two ambulances, two fire companies with extrication equipment and two chief officers to the scene within four minutes of receiving the alarm.

The alarm was upgraded immediately upon arrival of the first unit to include four additional ambulances, three additional extrication units and additional chief officers.  Extrication was extensive, removing three patients from the same vehicle.

Two patients were transported to Palos Hospital and one patient to Silver Cross Hospital.  Two additional patients refused treatment.  Two patients suffered fatal injuries on the scene.

The incident is being investigated by the Orland Park Police Department.

Photo courtesy of Karl Klotz and the OFPD

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Abandoned home fire extinguished by Orland Firefighters

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Abandoned home fire extinguished by Orland Firefighters

On April 13, 2012 the Orland Fire Protection District responded to a structure fire in the 11200 block of 159th Street at 11:01 am. Initial arriving companies encountered heavy fire conditions in an abandoned house. This house was known to be abandoned with dangerous structural conditions inside.

A defensive fire attack was initiated meaning multiple hose lines were deployed on the outside of the house only. Fire extinguishment took place while protecting the safety of the firefighters. Smoke conditions and embers were monitored protecting any nearby structures from the spread of the fire.

Traffic was controlled by Orland Park Police (OPPD) on 159th Street as hose that supplied the fire apparatus were deployed crossing the street. This fire is an example of the close working cooperation with the OPPD.

The fire was extinguished by 12:30 pm. No injuries were reported. The fire is under investigation.

Acting Fire Chief Raymond Kay said he is always concerned about abandoned buildings for the safety of the public and responders when firefighters are called to these buildings.

"Through a pre-plan process, we knew that the building that burned today was dangerous. It have been abandoned for several years and the building was deteriorating. As firefighters, we will risk a lot to save a lot. It does not make sense to take extra risk on a dangerous building," Kay said.

"We are careful to place firefighters outside of collapse zones and use equipment like our tower ladder truck to extinguish the fire more remotely. Safety is very important. Our firefighters responded today appropriately, extinguished the fire and remained safe. I appreciate the close cooperation and coordination working with the Orland Park Police in controlling traffic on a 159th Street."

Pictures courtesy of OFPD Inspector Nancy Mulvihill

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Suspicious fire reported Friday night at 9208 169th Place, Orland Hills

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Suspicious fire reported Friday night at 9208 169th Place, Orland Hills

The Orland Fire Protection District responded to a 911 call on Friday night at 9:39 pm by a diligent neighbor who reported seeing smoke in the area of 9208 169th  Place.  

Initial arriving OFPD crews arrived in four minutes from the time of the alarm, said Acting Chief Raymond Kay, and found smoke in the building. They also found an apparent forced entry into the home.  Within 10 minutes, the fire was located in the vacant house and was extinguished.  The house did sustain significant fire and smoke damage.

There were no injuries.  The cause of the fire is suspicious.

Watchful neighbors made a difference in the early detection of this fire.

Photos courtesy the Orland Fire Protection District

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Orland Fire Prevention District responds to home fire in Orland Hills

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Orland Fire Prevention District responds to home fire in Orland Hills

(Photos below)

This morning at 3:59 am, the Orland Fire Protection District responded to a fire at 16835 Highview in Orland Hills.

The family in the home was awakened to the fire by smoke detectors and one of the three family members living in the house called 911 to report the fire. 

Fire dispatchers instructed the caller to evacuate the building and obtained critical information confirming that all of the residents were safely outside of the building.  This information was relayed to responding fire companies prior to their arrival at the fire. 

“Knowing that all occupants are out of a burning building is key information enabling responders to change priorities, focusing on fire extinguishment and saving property,” said Acting Orland Fire Chief Raymond Kay.

Initial fire companies arrived within 3 minutes of the 911 call and found heavy smoke conditions particularly in the rear of the building near one of the bedrooms.  The fire was extinguished within approximately 10 minutes following arrival of the first fire companies.

There were no injuries at this fire.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.

“This family practiced sound fire prevention principles by keeping their smoke detectors in good working order.  There is no doubt that early identification of smoke and early notification of the sleeping residents by smoke detectors allowed self rescue, saving three lives,” Kay said.

“The greatest majority of fire fatalities are the result of smoke inhalation regardless of the size of the fire.  Please remember to maintain your smoke detectors and change the batteries twice each year. Smoke detectors save lives.”

Orland Fire Protection District President Jim Hickey praised the fast response to the fire.

“Our job is to save lives and promote safety and I am relieved that no one was injured in this incident,” Hickey said.

Photos courtesy of the Orland Fire Protection District.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OFPD receives $302,400 Grant for MABAS Training

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OFPD receives $302,400 Grant for MABAS Training

ORLAND Fire Protection District – U.S. Rep. Daniel Lipinski presented officials of the Orland Fire Protection District a Federal grant in the amount of $302,400 that will provide training in “incident management.”

The goal of this grant is to offer a direct delivery training program (Officers Training for Excellence Program) in incident management to the 44 agencies that make up MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System) 19, MABAS 22, and MABAS 24 mutual aid organizations to which we belong. 

The Officers Training for Excellence Program utilizes the Blue Card Command Hazard Zone Certification Program to facilitate interoperability and efficiency among the participating agencies. 

The project will assist departments in meeting the requirements of NFPA 1026 Standard for Incident Management Personnel Professional Qualifications, NFPA 1021 Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications and NFPA 1001 Standard for Firefighter Professional Qualifications, 1521 Standard for Fire Department Safety Officer, and 1061 Standard for Professional Qualifications for Public Safety Tele-communicator

An increase of knowledge and skill from the Officers Training for Excellence Program will benefit the safety profile of approximately 400 officers who are responsible for nearly 1,500 firefighters serving over 750,000 people in Chicago’s south and southwest suburbs.

The Officers Training for Excellence educates and provides hands on instructor lead training in the top 5 causes of firefighter deaths: Inadequate or improper risk assessment, lack of incident command, lack of accountability, inadequate communications, lack of established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or to follow SOP’s. 

Attached are three photographs (with captions below)

Battalion Chief Dan Smith, Trustee Marty McGill, Congressman Daniel Lipinski, President James Hickey, Acting Chief Raymond Kay

Grant Team: BC Michael Schofield, Engineer John Purtill, Finance Director Kerry Sullivan, Congressman Daniel Lipinski, Lt. Joe Moore, Lt. David Piper

Finance Director Kerry Sullivan, Engineer John Purtill, Lt. Joe Moore, Lt. David Piper, Congressman Daniel Lipinski, President James Hickey, Trustee Marty McGill.
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