Friday, October 19, 2012

Chinese exchange students and government officials tour OFPD facilities

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Chinese exchange students and government officials tour OFPD facilities

A delegation of students and government officials toured the Orland Fire Protection District on Thursday, Oct. 11, viewing firsthand how firefighters train and battle fires.

The delegates, which included Chinese officials working in public works, police and fire, and government from the Guangzhou Province in China, are touring American government and public agencies through The 21st Century Institute, a not-for-profit agency based on Oak Park.

OFPD Chief Ken Brucki said the Fire District worked with the Village of Orland Park in coordination of the tour, noting Fire District officials allowed the guests to view firsthand district responses to simulated emergencies, on-going training and reviewing EMS equipment and procedures.

“We had our experts like Training Battalion Chief David Piper and EMS Coordinator Mark Duke closely supervised the tour,” Brucki said.

“They were very interested in how we work with local government asking questions about taxation, cooperation and also with how we respond to specific emergency situations.”

Brucki said that the guests visited the Training Center, the Administration Building, several Fire Houses and also the Dispatch Center. They were able to watch several ongoing training exercises and were particularly interested in the rigorous training the District requires for firefighters.

“We were in the process of conducting a hazardous decontamination exercise which they were allowed to witness,” Brucki said.

“We took them to our EMS Simulator and demonstrated a cardiac arrest response using our computerized mannequin. They were able to witness firsthand how we address several emergency scenarios and how we also monitor responses on our computer systems.”

The 21st Century Institute was founded in the early 1990s and is a non-profit organization based in Oak Brook, Illinois with branch offices in New York and Los Angeles, and in Beijing, Shanghai and Kunming in China.

The goal of the institute is to maximize human potential by integrating intellectual, cultural, economic, scientific, and technological resources from different geographical regions of the world. The Institute strives to be a strong and vital link in bridging the diversity of nations. The current focus of the Institute is networking between the United States and Asia-Pacific region.

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