Thursday, November 29, 2012

OFPD presents awards for citizen emergency responses

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OFPD presents awards for citizen emergency responses

Chief Ken Brucki and the Orland Fire Protection District board presented awards at the meeting of the OFPD Board on Tuesday November 27. The following awards (with photos attached and captions) were presented.

Battalion Chief William Bonnar Sr. Citizen Life Saving Award:

On October 23rd a 48 year old male patron of the Riviera Country Club became unconscious in the Spa due to a medical condition. Recognizing the seriousness of the situation Riviera Country Club employees began a sequence of events that included calling 911, removing the unconscious patient from the water and beginning CPR. Paramedics continued care and because of the unselfish actions of the aforementioned employees the patron was successfully resuscitated. 

Awarded To: Alexander Izguerra  - Employee; Dave Carlson – Employee; Larry Yakutis – Patron

Lt. Mark Duke, Riveria C.C. Employee Dave Carlson,
Riviera C.C. Patron Larry Yakutis, and Chief Ken Brucki

Battalion Chief William Bonnar Sr. Citizen Life Saving Award:

On September 3rd a 61 year old husband and father suffered sudden cardiac arrest in his home. The patients’ family began a series of life sustaining actions that included calling 911, following the direction of the Emergency Medical Dispatcher, initiating CPR and providing history to the paramedics upon arrival. Paramedics continued care on arrival and because of the prompt actions of Matthew & John Weimar, their father was successfully resuscitated.

Awarded To Sons: John Weimer and Matthew Weimer

Lt. Mark Duke, Matthew Weimar, Chief Ken Brucki, John Weimar

Matthew Weimar, Jack Weimar, John Weimar

Chief Art Granat Sr. Award of Merit:

On October 27th Orland Police Sergeant Troy Siewert responded to an emergency at the Orland Bakery. On arrival Sergeant Siewert observed a woman unconscious on the floor, recognized the need for immediate action, quickly evaluated and began chest compressions.  

Patient care was turned over to paramedics on arrival. The patient, whose airway was occluded, subsequently regained consciousness, was transported to the hospital for evaluation and recovered fully. The successful outcome can be attributed in part to the actions of Sergeant Siewert.

Awarded to: Sergeant Troy Siewert

Orland Park Police Commander Tom Kenealy, OFPD Lt. Mark Duke, Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy, Orland Park Police Officer Troy Siewert, OFPD Chief Ken Brucki

“Oftentimes we forget that firefighters and police work 24/7 and are constantly on-duty even when they are off of work,” said Brucki. “But we also recognize that many of our citizens have the training and experience to provide support until professional help can arrive. In all of these cases, the efforts of civilians contributed to positive outcomes. And we salute them all.”


Friday, November 9, 2012

Orland Fire Protection District showcases shirts honoring veterans

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Orland Fire Protection District showcases shirts honoring veterans

The Orland Fire Protection District’s personnel will wear special shirts every Friday designed to salute America’s active duty military men and women, and veterans who have served or sacrificed their lives in past service to their country.

Firefighters will be given the option to wear the special red shirts as an alternative to their regular Class B uniforms every Friday beginning this month as a salute to Veteran’s Day on Nov. 11 and for the next year to recognize the sacrifices of veterans and those in active duty military service.

“Many of our employees are veterans and I felt this was a very appropriate way to recognize their service and the service of others, and also as a way to emphasize that our firefighters are like all of the men and women in our community who commit themselves to our safety and our way of life,” said OFPD Chief Ken Brucki.

Brucki, who last month directed Fire personnel to wear shirts in support of the fight against breast cancer, said “the community needs to know that we are not only vigilant to protect their interests, but that their interests and safety are also our interests and safety.”

Brucki said it was important that the public recognize the commitment Fire District employees have not only to their mission but also to the society as a whole. He said wearing the shirts is not mandatory but a choice for employees.

Personnel pictured from left to right are:  Engineer Steve Kovats (USAF), Lt. Tom Grossman (USMC), Chief Ken Brucki, Firefighter/Paramedic Brian Agle (Il. National Guard, active), Firefighter/Paramedic Kevin Frawley (Il. National Guard, active), Lt. Kevin Kitchen (US Army), and FF/P Brian Thompson (US Army Reserves, active).

(Not Pictured: Engineer Jim Mazurkiewicz (US Naval Reserves), Firefighter Wally Rafacz (US Army), Engineer Steve Rivero (US Navy), Lieutenant Todd Schuneman (USMC, US Air Force Reserves.)


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Orland Fire responds to emergency call: Man’s hand caught in meat grinder

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Orland Fire responds to emergency call: Man’s hand caught in meat grinder

The Orland Fire Protection District received an emergency call on Saturday (Nov. 3) involving a worker whose fingers were caught in a food meat grinder. The seriousness of the circumstances were aggravated when firefighters trying to extricate his hand from the machine had accompany the many to the hospital.

Fire Chief Ken Brucki said it was an extremely unusual incident.

“Once on the scene, the firefighters and paramedics were presented with an extremely serious incident which would test their skills and experience,” Brucki said.

“The worker had his arm stuck in a machine that grinds meat. The paramedics quickly began to treat the worker as the firefighters developed a plan to extricate the worker. It became quickly apparent that the extraction would be difficult and time consuming, the rescue team began to dismantle as much of the machine as possible on the scene.”

Brucki said that paramedics recognized that the patient had to be immediately transported to the hospital where the extrication had to be completed in the emergency room.

“It was obvious to the paramedics that the this rescue would require medical staff and an Emergency Room for the best outcome,” Brucki said.

“The decision was made to transport the worker with his arm still in the grinder part of the machine to Silver Cross Hospital where doctors could assist the rescue team in the removal.”

Brucki said it was the patient was taken to Silver Cross Hospital.

“This was a first in the history of the Orland Fire Protection District, we had never gone to a hospital to continue an extraction, Engine 3, Truck 1, Battalion 1 and Ambulance 3 all proceeded to Silver Cross hospital,” Brucki said.

“Once at the hospital firefighters conferred with Emergency room Doctors, it was decided that the extrication could not be done in surgery and that the firefighter would perform the extraction in a sub room of the ER where the firefighter could use a smaller version of the “Jaws of Life” to meticulously cut away the grinder portion of the machine.”

Brucki said it was “like a scene from a movie” with firefighters cutting the machine apart under the direction of the Emergency Room Doctors.

“The extrication lasted about 20 minutes and was successful the ER staff immediately took over care as the firefighters began to put their equipment back in service,” Brucki said. “This is another example of how well trained our Orland Firefighters are to handle unique situations.”


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Two automobile rollovers in two days in Orland Park

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Two automobile rollovers in two days in Orland Park

On Wednesday October 30, 2012 at approximately 11:16 in the morning, the Orland Fire Protection District responded to the intersection of 144th Place and La Grange Road for the rollover vehicle accident.  The driver of a SUV was trapped in the upside down vehicle along with his approximate 100 pound dog. 

The driver was extricated by fire crews while simultaneously distracting the dog – protecting the driver and the responders in the vehicle.  The driver was extricated from the vehicle, treated and transported to Advocate Christ Medical Center.

(Click photos to display larger hi-resolution images. Right click to download)

The Orland Park Police animal control officer was able to remove the dog from the vehicle.

A second vehicle was involved in the incident.  The driver of the second vehicle was not injured.

On October 31, 2012 at approximately 11:54 AM, the Orland Fire Protection District responded to the 14700 block of Wolf Rd for the roll over single vehicle accident.  The driver of the vehicle was able to get out of the vehicle by himself.  The driver was transported to Silver Cross Hospital with minor injuries.

(Photos courtesy of the Orland Fire Protection District)