Wednesday, June 27, 2012

OFPD Finance office recognized for financial practices

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                           Ray Hanania
June 27, 2012                                                      rayhanania /

OFPD Finance office recognized for financial practices

OFPD, Orland Park, IL., – The nation’s most important financial services association awarded the Orland Fire Protection District and Financial Officer Kerry Sullivan a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting.

Auditors with Mulcahy, Pauritsch, Salvador & co. Ltd., of Orland Park, also presented the formal audit of the 2011 budget to the board. The audit shows the district spent $240,000 less than it collected in revenues that year.

“I think we have had a good year when it comes to paying attention to the concerns of the taxpayers of the Orland Fire Protection District,” said OFPD Board President Jim Hickey.

“We are also very proud of the achievements and hard work of our Finance Director Kerry Sullivan who has done so much to help us manage the budget and also find ways to reduce spending.”

Hickey noted the board this year held the line on the budget, preventing it from increasing by more than $1.6 million, while also reducing planned spending this year by more than $1 million.

“In the end, taxpayers will have saved almost $3 million in our budget this year and last year. This is the first year in five years that our budget is under $30 million and that is significant,” Hickey said.

Fire Chief Ken Brucki also praised Sullivan, noting, "Kerry is a very valuable employee demonstrating a level of professionalism I have observed District wide from our employees.  She has managed a very professional business model that has been adapted to the operations of a fire district.  I congratulate her and all our staff on a job well done."

The award recognition by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)  is the third consecutive annual citation that the OFPD and Sullivan has received.

“I know that I speak for the entire board and fire district when I congratulate Kerry Sullivan for her work,” said Trustee Marty McGill.

“I too want to express my gratitude for the professionalism and hard work that Kerry Sullivan has put in to this process,” said Trustee Chris Evoy. “We worked very hard to reduce spending and she has proven to be an invaluable asset to our district.”

Sullivan said that the audit shows that the budget for 2011 ended with a surplus of $240,000.

“We ended the year with a $240,000 positive balance between revenues and expenditures and in today’s economy, that is very significant,” Sullivan said.

The audit shows that the district spent about $2.6 million more than what was budget, she explained, but said that it included $3 million that was collected in 2007 and spend on the completion of the Fire District’s new administration building.

“Essentially, we had the $3 million in the bank to pay for the completion but it is factored into the audit. If you exclude that money, which we already collected, then you see that revenues exceeded expenditures by $240,000,” Kerry explained.

The Administration building, 9790 W. 151st Street, was formally completed and officially opened in 2011.

In presenting the audit to the board, the auditors also noted that the Orland Fire Protection District pension fund is 76 percent funded. A government mandate requires that the pension fund by 90 percent funded by the year 2040.

The award is one of the highest forms of recognition a governmental body can receive in the area of accounting and financial reporting.  The District’s Finance Director Kerry Sullivan will receive the plaque which is expected to arrive in approximately eight weeks.  At that time, the Board of Trustees will make a formal presentation to Ms. Sullivan.

Sullivan has been with the district since 1997 serving as Finance Director. Prior to that she worked at McNeal Hospital as a budget manager, and previously worked as KPMG, a national accounting firm.

Sullivan lives in Orland Park with her two sons, Billy, 15, and Jack, 11.

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The 2011 OFPD Audit will also be placed online for public review.

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