Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fire guts basement of home on 147th and West Avenue

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Fire guts basement of home on 147th and West Avenue

Home fire, 11:52 am; Wednesday June 27, 2012
14712 West Ave

(Chief Ken Brucki and Battalion Chief Nick Cinquepalmi on scene)

Battalion Chief Nick Cinquepalmi  reported the call came in at 11:52 am. There was a heavy amount of smoke and fire in the basement of the home when firefighters arrived.

The homeowner was very concerned because there were six pets in the home, five cats and one bird. Unfortunately, only two of the cats could be rescued from the fire. The homeowner was not injured.

The fire, a  Below grade (ground level), basement fire, was put under control within 15 minutes and the department cleared the home of danger within one hour of responding.

Firefighters reported there was a tremendous amount of obstacles in the corridors of the home that made it hard for firefighters to navigate inside the property.

“Our firefighters responded quickly and we were able to control the fire and cause of the heavy smoke in the home. Sadly, the fire claimed some of the homeowners pets,” Brucki said.

Firefighters from neighboring communities also responded to the fire as is traditional with communities providing support and backup.

(Photos courtesy Orland Fire Protection District)

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