Friday, March 28, 2014

Orland Fire District honors firefighters for emergency response calls

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Orland Fire District honors firefighters for emergency response calls

On January 2, 2014 paramedics responded to an individual with difficulty breathing at an extended care facility. On arrival, they determined the patient,  a 90 year old woman to be in cardiac arrest. They initiated high performance CPR and the patient was defibrillated and given medications. The patient was taken to the hospital with her blood pressure and pulse stabalized.

Recognized were fire fighters: Robert Proctor, Brian Thompson, Eng. David Nagel, lt Eric Johnson, Eng Robert Walsh, lt Peter Vassios, Daniel Ritchie and Chad Erickson.

Chief Brucki, Firefighter/Paramedic Chad Erickson, Engineer Dave Nagle, Engineer Rob Walsh, Firefighter/Paramedic Brian Thompson, Lieutenant Erick Johnson, Lieutenant Mark Duke. 

On Jan. 31, 2014, paramedics responded to a cardiac arrest call at an extended care facility. They initiated high performance CPR on the patient, an 81 year old male and they identified an obstructed airway. The obstruction was removed and after 20 minutes of resuscitation, the patient regained a pulse and blood pressure. Induced hypothermia was initiated according to standing medical orders and the patient was taken to the hospital where the patient resumed treatment and care.

On March 2, 2014, paramedics responded at a residence for an unresponsive 58 year old male. The patient was determined to be in cardiac arrest and high performance CPR was initiated. The patient was defibrillated several times after which he regained a strong pulse, blood pressure and spontaneous respirations. The patient was taken to the local hospital where he continued his treatment.

Recognized for both the Jan. 31 incident and the March 2 incident were: firefighters Lt. Robert Stachnik, Eng Steven Rivero, Lt. Erick Johnson, Eng. Robert Winkelman and David Popp.

Chief Brucki, Firefighter/Paramedic Dave Popp, Engineer Bob Winkelman, Lieutenant Erick Johnson, Engineer Steve Rivero, Lieutenant R.J. Stachnik, Lieutenant Mark Duke.

Fire Chief Ken Brucki said that a fourth fifer on March 12 at a home in Orland Park at 145th Street was particularly challenging because the home had a 300 foot “set-back” from the street.

“It was a very cold day and we had to stretch the hoses further. But we were fortunate that a neighbor had cleared the very high piles of snow from the fire hydrants nearby,” Brucki recalled.

“Our battalion chiefs and firefighters are always ready. We have four BC’s at the scene to lend a hand. They had heard the calls and came out to assist. It helped. I also personally went to the home of the neighbor to shake his hand and tell him how much his efforts to keep the fire hydrant cleared helped us to fight the fire at the home. The snow around it was several feet higher than the top of the hydrant so having it cleared meant the response was faster and effective.”

Brucki also said that the Fire Department would hire 10 more firefighters who are also paramedics immediately to replace 10 veteran firemen who are retired or leaving because of “normal attrition.” The proposal to hire the 10 firefighters to fill the vacancies was approved by the full board.