Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Automobile crashes into Orland Park home, no injuries

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Automobile crashes into Orland Park home, no injuries

On early Monday morning, the Orland Fire Protection District responded to a bad automobile crash that had, fortunately a good outcome.

At approximately 3:07 am Monday morning, there was a report of an automobile that crashed into a residential home at 8681 Grace Road. The vehicle crashed through the side of the house and plowed into the home’s basement.

Fortunately, there were no injuries. The driver was treated at the scene and released.

There were three people at home in the residence none of them injured.

The initial fire companies secured the utilities, check for hazards and stability of both the vehicle and the structure. Firefighters did a primary search of the structure for occupants and then controlled access to the structure pending further evaluation. Members of the district technical rescue team and the village of Orland Park building department determined the structure elements in the basement had been damaged and the home needed to be tagged as no occupancy till board up and shoring was completed.

The vehicle was removed from the basement with no additional damage.

(Photos courtesy of the Orland Fire Protection District.)