Saturday, January 14, 2012

Orland Fire rescues dog from iced pond

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Orland Fire rescues dog from iced pond

Media/Television coverage:
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Chicago Tribune Story

Orland Park – A small dog was rescued from a pond at 156th and Lakeside Thursday morning.

Acting Fire Chief Raymond Kay said that the mid-sized animal was stuck in the middle of a pond in mud and about one foot of water, surrounded by ice.

“Chances are the animal walked onto the iced pond and then it broke and got stuck,” Chief Kay said.

“Neighbors called the Fire department to ask us to help rescue the dog. It was a very serious situation for the animal. We don’t want members of the public wading out into the ponds or walking on ice.”

Wearing an ice rescue suit, Fire Fighter Tom Panzica had to break through the inch thick ice to make his way to the stranded animal.

“We do a lot more than just respond to fires. For the majority of the public, we are the only option they have in many emergency rescue situations, besides the police,” Chief Kay said.

Kay said that Fire fighters are trained for EMS, water diving rescues in the district’s many water areas, and to extricate people in accidents.

Kay also said that the fire department is also prepared for other emergencies from accidents to flooding.

“We have to be ready. We have had to rescue homeowners from flooding situations in their homes. There are gas and oil pipelines throughout and we are trained to respond to that possibility,” Kay said.

“We’re there whenever there is a safety or rescue need, for individuals and also to save the pets of families. We will do that.”

Kay said that people should never take a situation for granted. A foot of water may not seem dangerous but it can be. Fire fighters described the rescued dog as small family lap-dog.