Friday, January 27, 2012

Orland Fire Protection District presents Battalion Chief William Bonnar Sr. Citizen Lifesavers Awards

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Orland Fire Protection District presents five with 
the Battalion Chief William Bonnar Sr. Citizen Lifesavers Awards 

The Orland Fire Protection District board Tuesday recognized five individuals men who saved the life of an off-duty Glenview firefighter who suffered a cardiac arrest on Dec. 7, 2011 while playing racquetball.

Acting Fire Chief Raymond Kay presented awards to:

Orland Park resident David Beveridge

Palos Heights residents Dan Brennan, Tim Murney and Drew Richards

Lockport resident Robert Woycheese

The citizens responded to the emergency for Brian Stokes, the Glenview Firefighter, by immediately calling 911 and then applying CPR. They used an Automated External Defibrillator on Stokes at the Silver Lake Country Club in Orland Park. Kay said that OFPD first responders arrived on the scene within four minutes of the call and that Stokes was treated and then taken to the hospital emergency room within 25 minutes. 

"Time makes a difference and having the AED at the center gave the victim more time. Those first few minutes are critical and the AED and individuals trained in CPR like David Beveridge, Dan Brennan, Tim Murney and Drew Richards and Robert Woycheese helped make this a successful outcome," Kay said.

"The Orland Fire Protection District provides CPR training to members of the public and I think it is so important that everyone have that training. You don't know when it will be needed, but when it is needed, it can make the crucial difference. The AED also is important and it is something that I think every public establishment should have access too."

Glenview Fire Department Lt. Mike Carnes, who attended the presentation, said that Stokes was a dedicated fire fighter who has saved many lives while serving with the north suburban fire department.

“This has a special meaning to us,” Carnes told the Chicago Tribune. “We’re glad we still have him and appreciate everything you guys did.”

In presenting the district’s "Battalion Chief William Bonnar Sr. Citizen Life Saver Award" to the five, Kay termed Stokes’ subsequent recovery “the best outcome we could have.”

(Photos below courtesy of the OFPD)