Wednesday, January 29, 2014

OFPD Chief Ken Brucki responds to inaccurate news report on District Pension Funds

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Orland Fire Prevention District Chief Ken Brucki responds to an inaccurate story which suggested recently that the District had failed to provide information to the Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas on the district's Pension Fund. In fact, the district provided the correct information but the county system isn't built to accommodate pension fund data that is "fully funded." The OFPD Pension Fund is fully funded at 101 percent. It is one of the best maintained pension funds in the MidWest. Very few pension funds can claim to be fully funded and to have a cash reserve on hand. Over the past four years, the district has consolidated expenditures, eliminated wasteful spending and held the OFPD budget to under $30 million for the past few years, only slightly growing this past year. The District's Budget management has saved taxpayers more than $5 million over the past four years by holding the line ons pending and eliminating waste. One of the jewels of the OFPD budget management is the maintenance of the Pension Fund which is one of the best in the MidWest and possibly the country. In this video, Brucki also discusses the impact of the severe weather on the fire department.