Sunday, November 17, 2013

Statement from Orland Fire Protection District Fire Chief Ken Brucki

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Statement from Orland Fire Protection District Fire Chief Ken Brucki

Power lines, trees down but no structural damage reported in Orland Park

“Our community of Orland Park was very fortunate. We skirted the major brunt of the storm. It was headed towards us but turned to the east before creating damage to our community. As of now, we are not seeing much damage. We are investigating wires down, trees down and power outages on 143rd Street between Wolf and West Avenue … but we have not received any reports to the OFPD of damage to any structures.

“As a precaution, we were extremely prepared for this storm and tracked this for quite some time, called in additional dispatchers to handle a potential increase in calls from residents. We put up our backup dispatch center just in case there was an interruption of our communications so we could switch to our backup centers to keep our communications.

“We also went into ‘Storm Mode in our dispatch center to put all of our equipment, vehicles and personnel on ready and radio communications so our notification is instant. It puts all of our on-duty personnel on an immediate notice in the event of putting out a call.

“Assistance has not been requested from the other communities around us but are ready if there is a need.

“Our technical rescue teams are on standby and we are prepared to respond if we receive a call for assistance.”