Friday, January 25, 2013

Orland Fire Protection District presents meritorious awards at Board meeting

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On Dec. 18, 2012 at 9 am, the Orland Fire Protection District responded as a support unit with Truck 4 to a hostile structural fire in Oak Forest. Resources were taxed, a lot of black smoke emanated from the building there were a number of potential victims in the structure. Firefighters did a search in the basement where they found one civilian who came out. He was put him in an ambulance and as operations to fight the blaze were under way.

“It was an Unsafe, unstable environment,” said Fire Chief Ken Brucki at a meeting of the OFPD board on Jan. 22. “There was chaotic communications on the scene. Our people did an exceptional job. There was a dispatch employee who was off duty but in the district and he jumped in and started to do his work to help in the 9/11 center.”

During the Board meeting on Jan. 22, Brucki and Bat Chief Nick Cinquepalmi presented awards to the firefighters and personnel who supported the effort to get the fire under control.

Individual Performance Award
Dispatchers Tim Neal, Karen Gallo, Chief Brucki
Chief Brucki said ,“They are recognized for the professionalism and support in a difficult emergency.”

Individual commendations
Jennifer Smith, Firefighter and Jeff Ruchniewicz, Firefighter
“When a community member is in need, they call 911. When a community is in need, as a fire department, we also call 911 and the surrounding communities also come out and help. We sent two ambulances there, one to handle the victim and treated and transported him The second was sent there for any unknowns that might have come up," Brucki said.

Firefighter Paramedic Kevin Frawley, Engineer Paul Pokorny, Chief Brucki
Said Chief Brucki, “You provided every effort to save the victim and I know you provided every effort possible.”

Firefighter Paramedic George Schick, Engineer John Purtill, Lieutenant Dan Turner, Chief Brucki
 Individual commendation award
“They put their men in jeopardy to save victims," Chief Brucki said. “Your quick and efficient techniques provided for the victim to survive. Your techniques also kept your members safe.”

Bat. Chief Nick Cinquepalmi with Fire Marshal Ken Brucki also receiving an individual commendation award. “Battalion Chief Cinquepalmi monitored the circumstances as they happened. He knew there was going to be a call for service. Outstanding and excellent leadership showed through in this call.”

Trustee  Marty McGill, Board President Jim Hickey, FF/P Kevin Frawley, Dispatchers Tim Neal and Karen Gallo, FF/P Jim Ruchniewicz, FF/P Jennifer Smith, Engineer Paul Pokorny, FF/P George Schick, Engineer John Purtill, Lt. Dan Turner, B/C Nick Cinquepalmi, Chief Brucki, Trustee Blair Rhode, Trustee Chris Evoy.

(All photos courtesy Battalion Chief Dan Smith and the Orland Fire Protection District.)