Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Board cites fast action at TGI Friday with saving life

Board cites fast action at TGI Friday with saving life

The Orland Fire Protection District Board on Tuesday recognized the fast action and life saving training of an employee working at TGI Friday in Orland Park who responded to a female patron who was choking. Lea Elliot was credited with using the Heimlich Maneuver after noticing the customer choking to save the customer's life.

"We are very proud of what Lea Elliot did. Knowing life saving techniques such as the Heimlich Maneuver is very important for public safety," said OFPD Acting Chief Raymond Kay. Elliot was given a plaque to commemorate her lifesaving actions.

The plaque was presented to Lea Elliot by Lt. Mark Duke, OFPD EMS Administrator. The plaque reads:

"On April 8, 2011 a patron of TGI Friday was choking on food that had occluded her airway. The choking patron approached Lea Elliot for help and without hesitation a series of abdominal thrusts were applied and the airway obstruction cleared. As a result of Lea’s quick action a more severe consequence was averted and the patron recovered without injury."

Read a story in the Tribune Local on this citation.

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